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Cybersecurity Internship


The VY Group is the largest land-based transport company in the Nordic countries. The company is owned by the Norwegian government through the Ministry of Transport.
The VY Group’s mission is to provide efficient, accessible, safe, and environmentally friendly transport of people and goods. The company operates passenger trains in Norway, transports people and goods in Norway and other Nordic countries, and engages in activities related to this.


The students will be part of VY’s customer experience and innovation team. The team works on developing mobility services and experience-based travel. In the field of mobility, they work on developing a common platform for travel planning and ticketing, as well as developing door-to-door services.
The students will mainly work within customer experience and innovation, but they may also work in other departments such as IT. Some of the tasks the students will participate in include:

Tasks for the students

  • Establish a security group.
  • Identify deficiencies/improvements related to cyber security in IT systems.
  • Develop security policies and manuals.
  • Implement system improvements.
  • Identify threats to VY, come up with preventive measures, and use frameworks such as NSM principles.
  • Evaluate security maturity in operational processes and different parts of the organization.
  • Service Fraud
    • Investigate opportunities to exploit the system and take measures to secure it.
  • Plan and participate in security crisis exercises.
  • Evaluate Third-party security (against vendors and partners)
  • Establish a security awareness program for VY.


Cybersikkerhet MA
Internship periode: 
August - November


Erlend Weiby
Development leader, Digital customer services

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